Is the center licensed?

Yes, Gan Yeladeem Learning Center is licensed to operate as a child care facility by the Office of Children and Family Services.

Toliet training my child?

We believe that toilet training is learned like any other skill – only when the child is developmentally ready to do so. We will participate in the toilet training of your child when your child exhibits ALL of the following signs of readiness:

How can I get involved?

The Gan has an “open door” policy. Parents are always welcome at the center at any time. There are many daily activities and special events that parents are encouraged to participate in here at the Gan.

Who can pickup my child?

We care deeply for the safety and well being of all the children at the Gan. Therefore, we will strictly follow the policy below for the release of children.

What happens if my child is playing at pickup?

When you pick up your child at the end of the day, we ask that you encourage your child to help clean up what he/she was playing with.

It is your child’s responsibility to clean up and we ask that you see that he/she has enough time to do it. It’s the menschlich thing to do!

Birthday Invitiations?

Birthday party invitations may not be distributed at the center.

Please refer to the Friend Finder and mail the invitation to the child’s home. We don’t want any hurt feelings!

Send in a Birthday Treat?

As part of the Jewish environment we are encouraging for our children at the Gan, we are asking you to please send in only Kosher snacks for your child’s birthday.

Can I send Candy/Gum/Soda?

Candy, gum, soda or excessively sweet snacks are inappropriate for the center.

Please refrain from sending these items with your child.

How should I dress my child?

Please dress your child in comfortable clothing suitable for playing and discovering.

If you are afraid an outfit may get ruined, DO NOT send your child to the center in it!

Remember, if your child is a preschooler, they will be expected to be able to undress and dress themselves should a change of clothes be necessary for any reason.

Child not attending?

If your child will not be attending child care or preschool for any reason, please call the center by 9:00AM.

Do not send an email.

What to bring?

  • a complete change of clothes, including underwear and socks
  • a smock
  • bedding for nap mat or port-o-crib that will be sent home weekly for laundering
  • a blankie or lovey for nap time, if your child likes one for sleeping
  • disposable diapers, wipes and diaper cream or Vaseline for infants/waddlers/ toddlers
  • a small lunch box with an ice pack
  • Enough bottles (for infants) or sippy cups (Waddlers or Toddlers) for the day.
  • Quiet nap toys for preschoolers who don’t nap

Please label everything your child brings to the center!