Who can pickup my child?

We care deeply for the safety and well being of all the children at the Gan. Therefore, we will strictly follow the policy below for the release of children.

Children will only be released to persons known to the teachers at the center or those on your child’s emergency contact list. If the person picking up your child is not known to the teachers, ID will be required from that person.

If your child is to be released to someone not on the emergency contact list, a note must be sent to the center in the morning. In the event that a parent is late picking up a child, every effort will be made to contact the custodial parent or authorized person.

The child will be supervised for one (1) hour after closing. After one hour, the center will notify the Child Abuse Hot Line (800-792-8610) to seek assistance in caring for the child until such a time that the custodial parent or authorized person can care for the child.

A child will not be released to the custody of a parent or authorized person who is judged by the staff to be impaired, as it would place the child at risk.

Should this occur, the following procedures will be followed: