Multi-Age Classroom

Why does the Gan employ multi-age classrooms and how does this benefit my child?


Our learning environments respect individual progressions and regressions along the road to growth and discovery. Children can take a giant step in the areas of their strength and smaller steps in their areas of need.

They can even jog in place as they find something particularly challenging or for which they lack the necessary physical maturity or intellectual development. Our classrooms provide built-in peer role models and mentors knowing that what the child can do in cooperation today, he/she can do alone tomorrow. There is a high level of both interdependence and independence in our multi-age rooms.


The prevailing mode of segregating classmates by a calendar year is a practice based on an industrialized model, which had no basis in theory or pedagogy.

In our classrooms, children of all ages learn, play and work together. This is consistent with knowledge about child development and what is best for educating children. By providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum that both challenges and interests children, they learn to take risks and reach beyond our expectations on a daily basis in all areas of development; academic, social, emotional and fine and gross motor.

Equally important, the multi-age classroom supports success in these areas of development that is essential in developing a positive self-image and self-esteem.

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