Illness Pollicy


To keep our children healthy we have specific guidlines to follow for our illness policy...

Children with the following illnesses or symptoms MAY NOT attend the center:


  •     Severe pain or discomfort
  •     Acute diarrhea (two or more episodes of loose bowls constitutes diarrhea)
  •     Acute vomiting (one episode of vomiting)
  •     Temperature of 100° or higher
  •     Sore throat
  •     Severe coughing
  •     Skin rashes, excluding diaper rash
  •     Infected, untreated skin patches
  •     Severe congestion
  •     Swollen joints
  •     Visibly enlarged lymph nodes
  •     Stiff neck
  •     Red eyes with discharge (conjunctivitis)


Children must be free of fever (without the aid of fever reducing medications), diarrhea, and vomiting for 24 hours before retuning to the center.  Children may not return to the center until they are eating and digesting their normal diet.  Children with strep throat or conjunctivitis must be on medication for 24 hours before returning to the center.  Children experiencing other illnesses must be symptom free before returning to the center.  A physician’s note may be required stating that the child poses no serious health risk to other children before he/she is re-admitted to the center.


If a child becomes ill during the day, the parent will be notified to pick up the child immediately.  If we are unable to contact a parent, we will contact someone from the emergency contact list to pick up the child.  Sick children will be isolated until they are picked up.  Sick children WILL NOT be permitted to remain at the center longer than 1 hour!


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